• If labor and management cannot reach an agreement, then they may use the following tactics: strike, lockout, boycotts, work slowdown, and corporate campaigns. Describe at least two tactics. Which one do you think would be most successful today and why? 
  • Labor and management negotiate and bargain over four of the following issues. Describe two of these issues. What are management’s and labor’s responsibility to achieve: 
  • Wage issues (e.g., pay, cost of living, overtime) 
  • Economic issues (e.g., pension, retirement, vacation, holidays, health insurance, severance pay) 
  • Institutional issues (e.g., union security and rights) 
  • Administration issues (e.g., seniority, discipline, employee safety, production standards, technology changes)

***must be original, 400 words, due Feb 4th at 5pm est


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