ITECH2002 – Systems Modelling
Assignment 3 Specification – 2020
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Due date: Friday, 26th June, 11:55pm.
Note that we are unable to grant an extension without special consideration approval from the University. Applications will only be considered on specific grounds. Please see Section 7 (page 5) for more information.
Weighting: 40%, maximum mark: 100.
Minimum time expectation: 15 hours.
Task: Create a 10-minute video and submit a link for the video to Moodle.
This is an individual assignment.
Your assignment will be assessed by your tutor.
In assignment 1 and assignment 2, you have documented the requirement specifications of a subsystem in UML. I hope by now you have a good understanding that UML is a modelling language which is independent of methodologies.
In this assignment, you need to choose a methodology (Unified Process, Scrum or XP) and describe how the project development might look using your chosen methodology. Section 3 describes the motivation behind the design of this assignment. Section 4 provides information on how and what to submit. This is an individual assignment and each student must submit. Description of the assessment tasks can be found in Section 5, and the mark allocations can be found in Section 6. Section 7 explains how to apply for special consideration from the University.
The purpose of the assignment is to ensure that you know:
1. What a methodology is;
2. How UML requirement specification documents are used by a methodology for developing a software product.
The assignment addresses the following learning outcomes:
K1. Explain how models are used to assist in analysing and modifying existing business systems;
K2. Define various roles involved in the processes of system analysis;
ITECH2002 – Systems Modelling
Assignment 3 Specification – 2020
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1. This is an individual submission and each student must submit a link to the video.
2. Open your Federation University OneDrive account. If you have never used it, or are not sure how:
 First login to your Federation University student email account.
 Click the nine dots in the top left corner and select OneDrive.
 OneDrive should open starting the files menu.
3. Sharing the File from OneDrive with your Marker
1. Right-click on your video in OneDrive.
2. Click “Copy link”.
3. Click the button “People with existing access can use the link”.
4. Change it to “People in Federation University Australia with the link”.
5. Untick “Allow Editing” – as you do not want anyone changing your file.
6. Click Apply.
7. Copy the link that is created.
8. It will be a very long link starting with “”
9. Download the file “Assignment1Submission.txt” from the Moodle shell
10. Open Assignment3Submission.txt
11. Paste the link for your file from OneDrive into Submission.txt
12. Save Assignment3Submission.txt
4. Submit Assignment3Submission.txt via Moodle Shell.
This section describes the tasks you must complete for your video. You must complete four tasks: identification, choose a methodology and justify your choice, apply the chosen methodology on your subsystem, and reflect on your learning journey.
At the start of the video, please identify yourself by saying your name and student ID. This section can only be short but you must include a video which clearly shows your face while speaking.
ITECH2002 – Systems Modelling
Assignment 3 Specification – 2020
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In Week 11, we covered three Agile methodologies: Unified Process (UP), Scrum and Xtreme Programming (XP). Your task is to choose a methodology and justify your choice. Please use Cockburn Classification as described in Week 11 materials to choose an appropriate methodology.
There is no right or wrong answer, but you need to justify your choice on why you think a certain methodology is more suitable than others. Note that your judgement should be based on all three Australia Post subsystems covered in Assignment 1 and 2.
Once you have chosen the methodology, describe how you will apply the methodology to the analysis and development of your subsystem. You need to describe:
a. When the use case descriptions, use case diagram, domain model diagrams, consolidated domain model diagram, extended use cases, activity diagrams, system sequence diagrams are produced, and how they are going to be used. Link your documents to the activities in the methodology lifecycle. Describe which UML documents are going to be created in the lifecycle and when. Also, describe which UML documents will be referenced in the lifecycle. You can find the lifecycle of each methodology in the week 11 Methodology Poster in Moodle.
b. Describe the roles required and what they do – briefly describe how they work together to develop the ten use cases into a working subsystem. You can find the roles in the week 11 Methodology Poster in Moodle. You may assume that you will have at least two programmers. Discuss which use cases can be developed in parallel and which ones cannot be developed in parallel and justify why.
If you have done poorly on the use case descriptions in assignment 1, then you need to review and improve your use cases for this assessment.
c. In assignment 2, you completed a test plan and a screen design. Explain how the chosen methodology uses the test plan and screen design for Quality Assurance. As in task (a) above, please link your explanation to the chosen methodology’s lifecycle.
ITECH2002 – Systems Modelling
Assignment 3 Specification – 2020
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Reflecting on your experience is an important component of life-long learning and learning by doing. For this task, reflect on your learning journey by describing:
1. what you have learnt, which sections you have enjoyed the most and which ones you disliked the most.
2. at least two challenges you have faced when learning this course. This could relate to transition to online classes, assessments, teamwork, or any other issues.
3. your strategies in overcoming the challenges.
6, Mark Distribution
Task 1
Identify yourself. This section carries no marks. However, if there is no identification, then you get 0 for the assignment.
Task 2
15 marks – Justification of Methodology.
Task 3
40 marks – Applying the Methodology.
Task 4
15 marks. Reflections.
10 marks – Clarity of presentation.
Extent to which your presentation engages the audience.
10 marks – Use of presentation aid (such as powerpoint).
10 marks – Timing. Compliance with time constraints (10 minutes ± 1).
ITECH2002 – Systems Modelling
Assignment 3 Specification – 2020
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7, Special Consideration
If you need an extension, you need to apply for a special consideration. We will not grant any extension without special consideration approval from the university. The university will only consider such applications on the following grounds: “
• Medical Reasons: e.g., hospital admission, serious injury, severe asthma, severe anxiety or depression. Does not include minor illness.
• Compassionate Grounds: e.g., death of significant other, significant relationship breakdown.
• Hardship/trauma: e.g., victim of crime, sudden loss of income or employment, severe disruptions to domestic arrangements.
• Other Causes: e.g., military or jury service, service to emergency services such as the Country Fire Authority.
Circumstances within the student’s control (e.g. returning home, holidays, social or family occasions, usual demands of employment, difficulties with the English language) and minor ailments will not be accepted as grounds for special consideration.”
(FedUni, 2020).
To apply for special consideration:
1. Fill in this form:
2. Submit the application and supporting documentation via email to
3. If your application is approved, the University will email you and the course coordinator.
FedUni. (2020). Retrieved 8 June 2020, from
End of Assignment Three Specification

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