Moneyball Paper (1)

Minimum of 1500 words, written and annotated in proper MLA format following these instructions:

  • Challenging conventional wisdom – Identify and discuss one standard statistic that had traditionally been used as a standard for success. Explain why people had always thought it was a good measure and then why the sabermetrics experts don’t consider it a good measure of a player’s abilities. You must include a discussion of the mathematics behind the statistic in your explanation of why the sabermetricians do not condone its validity.
  • Innovation – Identify and discuss a new statistic created by the sabermetricians as a truer measure of a player’s abilities. Again, you must include a discussion of the mathematics behind the statistics.
  • In Chapter 12, there is considerable discussion about the advisability of stealing bases. Conventional wisdom says that they are critical to success in the playoff games, but the Oakland A’s forbade stealing for their players. Discuss how it might seem obvious that stealing bases would net you more runs and why the Oakland A’s disagreed with that.
  • Finally, discuss in general (not baseball-specific) why it is often important to question whether and when conventional wisdom should be reassessed and new ideas explored. If possible, think of an area related to your chosen career where perhaps innovation is warranted.


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