Neeb Corporation manufactures and sells a single product

Neeb Corporation manufactures and sells a single product. The company uses units as the measure of activity in its budgets and performance reports. During January, the company budgeted for 7,170 units, but its actual level of activity was 7,380 units. The company has provided the following data concerning the formulas used in its budgeting and its actual results for January: Data used in budgeting: Fixed element per month Variable element per unit Revenue $ 0 $ 28.90 Direct labor $ 0 $ 4.90 Direct materials 0 11.40 Manufacturing overhead 46,000 2.80 Selling and administrative expenses 10,000 0.60 Total expenses $ 56,000 $ 19.70 Actual results for January: Revenue $ 185,148 Direct labor $ 24,878 Direct materials $ 70,508 Manufacturing overhead $ 51,484 Selling and administrative expenses $ 14,646 The activity variance for selling and administrative expenses in January would be closest to:


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