Number 7-10 Transcribed Image Text: Activity 1: TRUE OR FALSE

Number 7-10 Transcribed Image Text: Activity 1: TRUE OR FALSE
onections: Read each statement below carefully, Write “T if the statements are true, and “F” if the statements
are false. Write your answers in a separate sheet of paper.
” ar employee only receives a percentage of the sales made with no additional compensation given then, he is receiving
a straight commission.
” an employee receives a guaranteed base salary amount and earn an undefined amount of commission based on the
amount of sales he makes, then he is receiving a graduated commission.
Salary plus commission is earned as a percentage of sales that as volume of sales increases, the amount of commission
also increases.
The price of a house for sale is P5,000,000. The bank requires 15% down payment. If a buyer wants to buy the house,
then he needs to pay P1,125,000 as down payment.
A car is valued at 2,000,000 and the required down payment is P500,000. The down payment in percentage form is 25%.
A salesperson is receiving a commission of 12% on all of his sales. If he was able sell goods amounting to P50,000, his
total commission is P6,000?
A salesperson is paid in installment basis. Assuming that he was able to sell a total cost of P320,000 which will be paid in
installments of 5,000 monthly with a commission of 5%. At the end of the payment term, he will be able to receive a total
commission of P14,000.
Charlie is a sales engineer receiving a basic monthly compensation of P13,500 and 1% commission on all sales. He will
receive P14,745.8 gross earnings for the month if he will be able to sell P124,580.
A golden bejeweled necklace was sold at P650,000 and will be paid in monthly installments of #65,000. If the salesperson
gets a 3% monthly commission, then he will receive P1,950.
Hazel receives 20% commission on the appliances she sells. If she sells a water heater for P1,500, a flat iron for P1,200
and a refrigerator for 20,000, then she’|l receive P5,450 as a commission.


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