Objective: Assess sources for your (for credibility, reliability, and relevance) and list references in proper APA format

Objective: Assess sources for your (for credibility, reliability, and relevance) and list references in proper APA format. That means the sources you use for this assignment should be (Coyotes) that you chose in Forum 1 of the class. Assignment Instructions: The Research Project/Presentation for this class is divided into three major Assignments, 1) annotated bibliography, 2) outline and 3) final presentation. The first part is the annotated bibliography. An annotation is a summary and evaluation, and your annotated bibliography of some of the sources (or references) you will use for your presentation The reason the annotated bibliography is included as part of the research project is that writing an annotated bibliography is important in that it provides excellent preparation for the final presentation. One of the issues regarding any type of research, especially in biology, is the credibility of the sources used, particularly those obtained from various websites. By forcing you to evaluate each of your potential sources carefully, the annotated bibliography s you determine if in fact the source you chose is credible and s you determine how relevant it is to your topic and understand the topic better which will you develop your presentation. For this project, you will assess three sources to include: 1) a complete citation for each source, 2) a summary of each source, and 3) an evaluation of each source. Three sources are required for this assignment . However, you must use five or more sources in your final presentation. Use this to summarize and evaluate each of your three sources. <------ USE THE TEMPLATE Written in APA reference list format. For more with formatting, see this . 2. Summary: What is the purpose of the source, review article, original research? What topics are covered? This section is generally 4-6 sentences that summarize the author's main point. For more , see this link on sources. 3. Evaluation: After summarizing the article (or research paper or book), it is necessary to evaluate it and state where you found it – its source (e.g., journal, website, etc.). Briefly answer the following questions in 4-6 sentences:


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