Only Introduction Part For An Economics Paper.(1.5 Pages Long) APA Citation Format. The Attachments Are The Lecture Slides

– This is a RESEARCH assignment that will require that you engage in research, study, analyze, and investigate well beyond the class lectures to be able to elaborate the final assignment.

– Each student is responsible for choosing an international currency of his/her choosing.

– The student must study and analyze the currency behavior of the currency.

– Any currency except for the Us Dollar would be a valid choice.

– The student can choose any of the European currencies that merged to create the


– A set of specific questions related to the readings covered in class would be provided.

These must be properly addressed in the final currency report

– I will take one full week to explain at length the objective/aim/purpose/of this final


– Country Report Structure:

– 1. Introduction due on OCTOBER 12.

• Why you have chosen that currency

• What is the time frame; that is the time covered

• Are you analyzing it using months, weeks, years?

• Web page you are getting the data from

• Present the graph to identify possible difficulties

– 2. Analysis.

• You have to analyze the standing of your chosen currency making sure

your elaborate your analysis referring to the following questions:

– Identify and explain any currency conflict and which were the policy options used (Bergsten and Gagnon)

– Was your currency part of any of the currency wars studied and covered in class (Richards).

– Is your currency consider an international currency? Why or Why not (Cohen)

– How is your currency financing international trade? (Eichengreen et al.)

– How/what is the status so your currency as are serve currency? (Eichengreen et al.)

• Conclusion and final words.

• Work Cit


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