Orange Computers, a well-established computer company, recently had their in-house I


Orange Computers, a well-established computer company, recently had their in-house I.O. Practitioner, Dr. Happenstance, work on a project designed to determine how the different facets and subscales of emotional intelligence, assessed through the use of the Bar-On EQi assessment (Bar-On, 1997), impacted factors assessed by proprietary metrics such as employee satisfaction, employee performance, and employee engagement (measured on a 5-point Likert scale from (1) lowest to (5) highest rating). Demographic information (age [years], sex, race (White, Black, Asian, Native American/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Other), ethnicity (Hispanic or non-Hispanic), and length of employment (measured in months) were also gathered for use during analysis.

Fortunately for Dr. Happenstance, but unfortunately for Orange Computers, Dr. Happenstance received a more lucrative job offer from a direct competitor, Macrosoft Computers. As a result, Dr. Happenstance has left the Orange Computers project unfinished. You have been called upon to complete his work. As you will not be using assessments from this point forward, you are able to perform these tasks as a Master’s Degree Level Organizational Practitioner.


For this assignment, you will carefully craft a methods section for the Orange Computers research study that you are completing. In this section, you will include the following information:

  • Specific data analyses you will use
  • Rationale for the use of specific data analyses you selected to use.
  • Explanation of the sample population in terms of demographics and other defining characteristics.
  • Sampling technique
  • An explanation and justification of Measures used to collect data

There is no limit to references or page length short and sweet is fine.

Whom ever starts to work on this i will be going back to for quite some time being that i am in need of help through out this Capstone course.

Thank you in advanced!


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