Organizational Behavior Outline Business And Finance Homework Help

this is just an outline and reference page the topic is McDonalds and there is an example outline included as well as a reference page.

Develop the format and framework for your project. Your submission should be a single document which includes:

  • Outline summarizing the main topics and sub-topics of the final project
  • APA formatted References page

You must format the outline as

shown in the example:

Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APAstandards. Please include citations within your outline to support yourideas.

The project revolves around you diagnosing a process/structure/environment

in an organization that you’re familiar with and that needs improvement

and designing an organizational development (OD) intervention to achieve

positive change. Organizations such as your place of employment,

community groups, volunteer groups, school committees, and even

city/state/Federal governments are areas to consider.


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