Owning your own business or even working for a business the company has to treat you according to employee law

Owning your own business or even working for a business the company has to treat you according to employee law. Human resources are over all the planning, the direct hire and even the whole progress of the business area. Owning my own business is something that I have to take a few things into consideration is that I’m going to be running the direct planning, the hiring process or even handling different employees. My first plan is to learn how to research all of my information that I will be needing, Sometimes being on the internet they give you false information using the school library is one research tool that i can fully understand more ways and more ideas to share in the learning process. I am also willing to learn how to use my time wisely throughout the day and budget my plans. I will need to learn about the leading positions and how they are handled in the business area. Critical thinking is one thing that I do have problems with, because its brainstorming ideas and making sure that business ideas you overcame are serious enough to actually put into consideration. My problem is that brainstorming is a hard thing for me to do because it’s hard to find the right tools that you completely need to actually get your ideas and thoughts into your original plans of your brainstorming. I will need to know the challenges that managers face, working in an business is way better then owning your own business. Working for a higher power you only see what they show you, learning the challenges they face i will never understand because i never been in the position to rule over the business. So learning the challenges that business have to make is something that i am also willing to brainstorm to make sure every situation i encounter is handle the proper way. Some jobs treat their employees how they want which you can not just treat your employees anyway, you have to actually think about your employees because without them coming into work and working for you to get the job done. So learning how to handle employees, manage my time, learn the resources and even the direct business area in totally is something i have to read more into and more about. The business area is something that everybody needs to survive because if you don’t own your own business then your working for a business. So learning and researching information is something that i know for sure will me get a better understanding of the business area, even watching how managers run there business when i walk into a store and take a peeks as i’m shopping. I’m willing to learn every bit of the business area. This course is going to me gain a lot of ful ideas, also to make sure hard battles are overcome the correct way.


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