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Time to investigate!

Find a media message (print, commercial, tweet, post, etc.) that is communicating a false message, spreading misinformation. Sometimes, people misinterpret information and make assumptions about events. One way to double-check information is Snopes, visit Snopes (Links to an external site.)and type the issue or story and verify it!

Introduce the misinformed message you found, what Snopes had to say about it, and what we could do to dispel messages like that. Why is it dangerous to allow misinformation to spread? How does misinformation affect public health?

The Discussion should be at least 350 words typed. Post should contain meaningful thoughts and accurate information where applicable; discussion posts that are conversational or lack academic merit will be graded accordingly. Discussion peer responses should add to the original post with additional information or insight; again, conversational replies that do not offer additional thought will be graded accordingly. The peer responses should be at least 100 words typed. Review the rubric for the discussion board posts for additional clarity regarding how your work will be scored. Both the initial post and responses should include at least one scholarly, peer reviewed reference, and follow the APA 7th edition format.

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