Peer Response

Peers’ Response:

From the video speech by Graham Hill: Why I am a weekday vegetarian, the main topic of discussion is why I am a weekday vegetarian where the speaker talks about a program to reduce a footprint. From the speech, the targeted audiences are the people willing to change to be vegetarians too. That is maybe the people who like other foodstuffs other than vegetables but are willing to turn back to veg. this is because of his program promotion of weekday veg. on the other hand, the thesis of the speaker’s topic is how human beings can slowly give up on the life of eating meat daily and change to be vegetarians in their life. The speaker vividly used the logos in the speech where he, first of all, considered both sides that is; he checked into the life of vegetables and the life of meat then decided to propose the vegetable life. On the other side, the speaker also has applied the use of ethos when he gave the research where he found that people taking hamburgers are getting closer to their grave by 1/3 and this shows how he is contented with the topic of speech. Pathos was also well applied where he talks about the slaughter of animals. One of the persuasive techniques used by the speaker is when he mentioned that if I don’t stop using humbugged, then I’m moving next to mu grave by a third. The speaker did not use the aids of visual, however; he used facial expressions to show how he felt about meat. The defective persuasion used by the speaker is when he left the audience with an option to choose between veg and meat. He persuaded me to listen to the speech just by saying some words like eating hamburger increases the risk of death. This made me to be so much keen on the speech.

In the response post, based on your classmate’s review of the speech, include the following:

Was the speaker’s use of ethos, logos, and pathos effective?
How did the speaker use presentation aids?
Was the delivery of the speech effective? Why or why not?
Were you convinced?
Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format

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