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1. You may use the same PICOT from Unit 1 or start a new one – it is your choice. Clearly state the PICOT question. In the pediatric setting, is the incidence of septic shock related mortality less when treated with intravenous fluid therapy at the onset of symptoms and does fluid choice affect this in any way?


Continue to Search the databases (your choice) using your key words

until you locate level 1 & 2 evidence. Briefly describe your search

process and overall results, include key words used.

example, the TRIP database was searched using the keywords pediatrics,

pain, and alternative medicine. A total of 24 studies were initially

identified. Of these, two were level 1, three were level 2 and the

rest were level 3 and above or did not answer the PICOT question. Only

the 5 level 1 & 2 studies are included in

the following presentation. I decided to use the following studies based

upon ……state your rationale for inclusion/exclusion.


Use the Rapid critical appraisal tools in Appendix B of your textbook

to quickly analyze the studies you are considering. Be sure to use the

tool that matches the study type. This will also help with the

statistical error analysis section. This does not need to be on the

slide but will help you with selecting the best studies.

4. Create an evaluation table/matrix (Appendix C) of only the studies you are using that answer your question after the rapid critical appraisal. There are instructions for using the table in your book.
In the example above I would place the 5 studies on the table and none of the others.

5. Present the chosen (level 1 & 2) studies along with a statistical analysis – IN YOUR OWN WORDS!! – is

the study reliable and valid and how did you decide this; are there any

study limitations; what are the reported p values of the study or

levels of significance. (use Appendix B)

6. Create a power point presentation of your findings in any manner you choose. Must be 12-15 slides. Use the evaluation table here if you like then expand upon it for the stats part.


Citations: you can either cite each study in small font on the slide

where you present it or you can make references slides at the end – it

is your choice just be sure they are in APA format.


assignment builds upon the first assignment unless you are using a new

PICOT. You have already searched the Cochrane Collaboration so you can

use any studies you have already found. Just locate some more that are

level 1 or 2 . You can briefly (one slide) discuss the background of

your PICOT but you do not need to go into great detail since Unit 1

accomplished this objective.


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