Playbook Runbook Part 2 Writing Homework Help

Add a 1- to 2-page section to your Playbook/Runbook that includes the following:

  • List of information and data employees are not to place online
  • Guidelines for interacting online
  • Guidelines for secure use of email
  • List of items staff at your company should not place on social media

Revise your previous week’s Playbook/Runbook based on your facilitator’s feedback and submit as a complete document.

I will attach the first portion. Please make noted corrections and add the additional section

These are the corrections that need to be made to the first section:

In this first part of the Playbook assignment I am expecting a scenario that you make up involving malware of your choice. Choosing one may take a little research. The paper should describe what the malware does (such as privilege escalation or running code), what vulnerability it takes advantage of (weakness or missing patch in the browser) and how the malware can get into your environment (such as through an email). Then you need to list the set of steps you would take to counter this attack (such as patch systems, block traffic at the firewall, add an IDS rule, etc.). You’re description was much too general in that I’m looking for a specific malware, such as WannaCry and focus in on that. Everything you included was accurate but some point were lost on the specifics.


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