Please Identify Some Of The Nations That Became Isolated History Homework Help

“Please identify some of the nations that became isolated. What did such isolation entail? How was it brought about, and how did “the control on communism” lead to the isolation? Why did the U.S. government worry about such isolation, and what particular steps did it take to counter the isolation?”

Assignment completed:

The United States of America was unable to protect the nation from entering the cold war because it was a conflict of world supremacy. Only two world super powers that managed to stand up after World War II. Each of the units was driven by personal, political, economic and strategic interests. The divergence of interests’ acts as the primary accelerator of the cold war as none of the nations was willing to give up the course (Stueck 26). The conflicts would thus not hold down as long as the superpowers were not willing to give up their interests. The Soviet Union in response to the issue they assert control especially in the Eastern Europe and the fact that the controlled to the spread of communism.

In fear that communism would spread to the western European nations, the Americans would, therefore, be vulnerable to the problem. The Soviet Union power was growing rapidly, and the control on communism led to the isolation of some nations. The increased isolation was the main worry to United States Government (Stueck 87). As a result, the Americans took measures that would help to reduce communism. The intervention of the Americans thus resolved the nation into getting involved in the wars (Stueck 45). Therefore it would be right to put it across that the United States was unable to protect the nation from Cold War due to fear of the spread of communism in American soil.

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