Pocket City Update

For those of you who indicated that you would be willing to try out the pocket city, here is what I will have you do as an assignment. Every couple of weeks, I will have you upload to me two screenshots from this program. I have attached these two screenshots to this as an example. The first screenshot is a wide view of your city; the second screenshot is the top of your status page. As I mentioned, I will have you do this every couple of weeks adding new screenshots showing your progress and a short paragraph about what you are learning.

So, I would like you to upload your first two images and paragraph of what you are learning to this assignment.

So, if you plan on continuing to participate in this assignment, you will need to play the game. If you choose to use this as an optional assignment, I will let you choose which week’s weekly questions you would like me to waive. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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