Poor Orgainsational Leadership Health And Medicine Homework Help

The project topic is still poor orgainsational leadership and how its affect a health care organization when is not runned properly.

  1. The Solution Development section is where you will suggest at least two innovative and creative solutions to resolve the central problem of your healthcare organization. Ask whether or not your solution alternatives are based on solid research and analyses of the external and internal healthcare business environments. You may have to revise and refine your analyses and even redefine or reframe your problem before you can move forward with finding viable solutions.
  2. The Solution Evaluation: Theory Focus section is where you will examine the solution alternatives suggested in the previous section from the perspective of management and organizational theories you learned in this program. In addition, nearly every healthcare business decision has implications for the people in a healthcare organization and sometimes implications for the patients, and thus it involves ethics. Examine any ethical considerations that should be examined in the solution alternatives within the context of a theory focus and the worldview conceptual framework as expressed by the Four Lens model. Conduct research on the question: what do experts say about the project’s theory focus? You need to include in this section:
    a. At least five sources of concepts and theories from the thirteen courses
    b. At least five articles accessed through OCLS on your project’s theory focus
    c. One source from your Ethical & Legal Aspects of Management course and two citations from the Bible on ethical considerations of your project
  3. The Solution Evaluation: Analysis of Key Issues: This section is where you will examine the solution alternatives suggested in Workshop Four from the perspective of best healthcare administration practices you learned in this program. Identify best and/or leading healthcare practices from the following courses in the program: Applied Management Theory (MGMT-500), Ethics and Legal Aspects of Management (MGMT-512), Decision Making and Essential Business Communication (COMM-515), Statistics for Business Decision-Making (STAT-535), Healthcare Governance and Organizational Structures (HCAD-511), Healthcare Principles and Policies (HCAD-513), Healthcare Finance (HCAD-512), Healthcare Technology and Information Management (HCAD-514), Healthcare Issues (HCAD-510), and Healthcare Strategic Development (HCAD-515)


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