Posci Personal Knowledge Reports

To complete the report you need two full pages with two additional references in your policy area. continue your research with additions and revisions incorporating new information.

1. statement of the policy. Have you changed your mind in any way?

2. What government levels are addressing this problem? Any changes or government responses since your first report? What have the candidates stated about addressing this problem? Does each party platform make a statement about this problem?

3. What laws and regulations govern this policy area? Did you find any additional laws or regulations about this policy area?

4. How much funding is available to address this policy area? Any changes or promises to fund by anyone in government?

5. Are the governmental policy approaches working? Any progress since you last reported?

Page 2.

1. What ideological framework are you using in order to justify your policy reform? What Modern Liberal, Socialist, or Conservative orientations are you using.

2. How do you plan to participate in order to get others to organize for this reform? Who did you discuss this plan with? Did they offer any new suggestions that you did not think of? Did you see what interest groups and political parties are doing to implement your reform ideas? Now that we are in a stay at home posture make participation contacts online or on Zoom, you are not required to go out to participate.


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