Postcard Letter


This composition is worth 100 points and is graded using the Spanish Proficiency Based Writing Rubric; your final draft will allow for you to earn a possible. You can use word references and dictionaries and you need to complete this assignment by yourself. Please don’t use translators to complete sentences.
VOCABULARY: Student life; emotions, places, activities.

GRAMMAR: Present tense

GENRE: Postcard Letter

TOPIC: Imagine you are about to start your second semester at the Universidad de Sevilla, Spain. Your best friend, Luke, will join you in a few weeks to be in the same program this year. You are excited to tell him about your current experiences. In a postcard, describe your life living abroad in Sevilla and as a college student at the Universidad de Sevilla. Be sure to include ALL of the following to receive full credit for content in your postcard. Please include as much detail as possible: (100 words minimum)

Begin your postcard with a salutation

Include a brief description of the city of Sevilla.
Include how you are feeling as you study abroad (i.e. happy, sad, scared).
Mention your favorite class, what day and time it meets, and a description of the professor.
Describe your favorite places on campus and the different type of activities you do there.
End your postcard with an appropriate farewell

The assignment is of Spanish course and must be in spanish language.

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