PART I: Précis

Select 2 relevant sources for examination. Both should be scholarly/peer-reviewed.
Read carefully looking for main conclusions and the evidence to support those conclusions.
Write a short paragraph for each source following the rhetorical précis model found on pp. 212 of the Guide to First-Year Writing.
Due in class:

PART II: Annotated Bibliography

Select 3 additional relevant sources for examination. At least 2 of these sources must be scholarly and peer-reviewed. Read each source rhetorically.
Create a bibliography entry for each source, properly formatted in MLA.
Write an annotation for each source, including the first two you examined for the =l précis exercise. Each annotation should be a short paragraph of about 100-200 words including information found in the rhetorical précis as well as a short comment on how you will use the source for your research paper. More information on annotated bibliographies is on pp. 211-214.

5 citations with annotations
At least 4 scholarly sources relevant to your topic (if you aren’t sure if your source is of quality, please check with me)
No more than 1 source from reputable magazines, newspapers, or websites
MLA citations for each source used
MLA formatting
Each annotation should be 100-200 words
No more than one quotation per annotation
Concision and careful selection of words
Sources should be presented in alphabetical or chronological order

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