Prepare A Report To Guide Management Through The Recommendation Of An Optimal Software Systems Acquisition Strategy Homework Help


Prepare a report to guide management through the recommendation of an optimal software systems acquisition strategy for the consulting assignment described in the Business Case MCMDUPreview the documentView in a new window. Once again, this report should be specific to the client organization. As in the previous report detailed above, identify and describe each of the two best alternatives for the software source for the client organization and then provide a strong justification on why you are recommending consideration of the two software sources (specifically, how do they “fit” the client organization and how are they more suitable than the other software sources identified and described in Chapter 2) as the best alternatives.

* Note: A Turnitin analysis (see (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for information on this product) will be automatically applied to your assignment submission to indicate the potential degree of “originality,” which means that you have interpreted and are discussing your research results “in your own words” (paraphrasing) or are using proper APA citation methods to include the words of others. A Turnitin analysis percentage of 15% or higher will result in your receiving a zero on this assignment unless a review indicates that all sources have been correctly cited in APA format: be aware that all similar assignments from prior semesters in this course are included in Turnitin analyses of originality.


The Ch2 in this textbook was talking about six different sources of software(IT services firms, cloud computing, packaged software providers, open source ERP Providers, In-house), and the question is talking about choosing 2 of the sources you think it fit for this company (in the case) so that they can meet the six requirements they want to implement. And you should demonstrate why you think that these two sources were fit for this company and why other four were not.( For example , we choose commercial software need to make a clear comparison, the comparison criteria are as follows: CostfunctionSupplier supportSupplier viabilityFlexibility of the softwareResponse timeDocumentationInstallation simplicity…..whatever you think is correct.)Go through the textbook and summarize the advantages and disadvantages of these 6 sources and also combine the situation of the company and the budget ($150,000 )they gave to complete the work.

PLZZZZZZZZZZ make sure that you read carefully through the direction and the description i wrote. You dont need to write like a long paper, 2-3 pages would be fine, plus 4-5 reference. And also ORIGINAL only, ill check on turnitin after your work delivery. Ill attach the Ch2 of the textbook and the case below. Thank you for your helping.


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