Preparing A Professional Development Plan Homework Help

To prepare for this Assignment, consider the personalSWOT analysis you completed and the goals you developed in Week 1.Reflect upon your experiences so far in this program and any insightsyou have gained since you created those goals. In addition, review yourPLN plan from Week 4 and the results of “The New Drivers of Leadership”Self-Assessment that you completed this week. Finally, return to theinteractive media “Voices of DBA Students.” This time, focus on theindependent scholars’ descriptions of their goals, their plans, and thechallenges they faced in achieving their goals. You will use theProfessional Development Plan template to complete this Assignment.

Submit a 4- to 5-page (excluding a title page andReferences section) Professional Development Plan (PDP). In your Plan,do the following

    • A statement of your goal
    • An explanation of your motivation for wanting to achieve the goal and how it relates to your personal values
    • A brief description of the steps you intend totake to accomplish your goal, including any relevant tools, strategies,or resources
    • An explanation of how you plan to use technology and/or social media to promote completion of your goal
    • An explanation of how these steps reflect consideration of personal strengths and weaknesses relevant to the goal
    • A timeline for completion of your goal
  • Use your SWOT analysis, PLN, and “The New Drivers of Leadership” Self-Assessment results as guides to ensure alignment.
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