Present And Evaluate Ayer S Main Argument For Compatibilism Philosophy Homework Help

The text should have no less than 650 words and no more than 900 words and should follow the formatting guidelines below.) please make sure that you provide full and accurate references and that your main argument in the paper goes beyond the ideas found in those sources.

Present and evaluate Ayer’s main argument for compatibilism. Start by explaining what the free will problem is, then present in some detail Ayer’s argument for the compatibilist position on free will, and finish by assessing that argument. In your view, is Ayer’s defense of compatibilism successful? How would an incompatibilist be likely to criticize it? Would such a criticism be compelling? Make sure that you offer reasons in support of your main claims!

Formatting guidelines

oword process all written work

ouse standard font, in 12 point

odouble space, using 1 inch margins

onumber your pages

ostaple or paper-clip your pages together

oat the top of the first page include your name, date, essay title and word count

oproofread and spellcheck before submitting the paper

  • when quoting course materials (which you should do sparingly, since this is a very short essay), it is enough to indicate the name of the author and the page number; example: (Ayer, p. 134)


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