Project 5: Cyber Forensics & Big Data

I. Title: Big Deals Data Visualization

II. Introduction:

Congratulations! You just left your annual review meeting with your boss and he gives you a bigger raise than you expected. He also gave you an important task to mark the accompanying larger responsibility.

There is a large regional technology in accounting coming up and Red Flag Accounting Company is slotted to be a presenter on “How Big Data impacts Cyber Forensics?” Your boss has assigned you to research and prepare a 10 – 12 page, APA style paper. He provided further details below.

You recognize that this is a big responsibility, but it is also a big opportunity to shine in front of everyone. You can’t wait to get started.

III. Steps to Completion:

Step 1: Select your topic

Your boss expects you to narrow down the topic of your research.

Step 2: Research your topic

Your boss reminds you to use a minimum of 5 scholarly sources.

Step 3: Draft your research paper

Draft a 10-12 page research paper in APA 6th edition style, with 12 point font and double space addressing the question “How Big Data impacts Cyber Forensics”?

As requested, you submit your research paper to your boss for review.

IV. Deliverables

• 10-12 page research paper in APA style

V. Hints and Tips:

• Start this project early in the semester.

• Prepare a draft version at least 2 weeks before it is due.

• Ask a classmate, friend, or family member to read your paper before submitting it to the Graduate Writing Center.

• Submit your draft to the Graduate Writing Tutors at least 2 weeks before it is due. FREE Graduate Writing Tutors can be accessed in your LEO classroom.

• Make edits to your research paper after reviewing feedback from the writing center tutors.

• Ask your boss (professor) questions as needed.

• Submit the research paper on or before its due date.

VI. Rubric:

The rubric can be found in LEO under Course Resource>Classroom Deliverables>Project 5


Threat or Opportunity? Big Data and Cyber Security

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