Project Stage 6

Introduction: Throughout this course, you will be working on a staged project researching a public policy issue as identified in your project proposal. At this point, you are being asked to write and deliver your findings and evaluation to your classmates and instructor in a final Research Paper.

Instructions: At this point, you will submit your final Research Paper evaluating your chosen policy and making recommendations based on your research. Your Research Paper should include the following components:

Abstract: Please provide an abstract (one paragraph) for your paper. (I did not see this in your instructions but I do want it included.)


Identification of the issue
Description of the background context and significance of the issue
The research question behind this project
Literature Review
Findings from your data collection
Public Score Card
Recommendations regarding this policy
Remember to support your evaluation of this issue and your recommendations with the data you collected and any additional information you learned from your literature review.

Submission: Your Research Paper should be about 12-15 pages (about 3,000-3,750 words) in length.

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