Public Health Disasters Health And Medicine Homework Help (1)

Read through the emergency disasters below. Select one of these scenarios and then complete the following steps:

  • Scenario No. 1: “Dragon/Volcano Emergency Response”
  • Scenario No. 2: “Vaccine Gone Awry Emergency Response”
  • Scenario No. 3: “Tornado Scenario” “I SELECTED THE TORNADO SCENARIO”
  • Scenario No. 4: “Tropical Cyclone and Flooding”
  • Scenario No. 5: “Zombie Apocalypse”

Imagine you are the director of FEMA using NIMS when this disaster occurs.

  • Developa PSA (using either Screencast or video) that informs the population ofwhat will be done to resolve the issue. Address these elements in yourvideo:
    • Describe the nature of the situation.
    • Explain what FEMA and others are doing to mitigate the situation.
    • Explain what people need to do to stay safe and/or to get help in order to reduce panic.
  • Your vocal tone should be one that is meant to reduce panic and provide a solid explanation of the above elements.
  • Copyand paste the URL to your video or screencast within your discussionforum response. If you are unable to create a YouTube video for thisdiscussion, you may use a screencast program. However, you do not needto develop a PowerPoint presentation. This discussion is meant to assessyour communication abilities, therefore, the audio portion of the videoand/or screencast is essential. If you elect to use the screencastoption, you may simply use a picture of yourself reporting the aboveinformation in lieu of a PowerPoint.

Questions to think about while formulating your response to the public:

  • What are the issues you will address first?
  • Which organization is responsible for what? Where will you allocate your resources?
  • What public health concerns are the results of each of these events?
  • Which populations might be most at risk?
  • What are some of the long-term health effects of these events?
  • What other health concerns may arise from these events?
  • What will you say to the people, who are desperately awaiting your direction?


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