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A couple of weeks ago, you were asked to read several articles on the effects of princess and superhero stories on children. These articles (which are in the Readings section of Blackboard) are:

The Unexpected Way Disney Princesses Affect Little Boys
Why Disney Princesses and “Princess Culture” is Bad for Girls
Why these Disney Films May Help Perpetuate Rape Culture
How Disney’s “Moana” Gave Me Hope After My Sexual Assault
Never Fear Parents: Superheroes Can Help Kids Soar
Let’s Fight (the Bad Guys): Do Superheroes Teach Kids Good or Evil?
The Superhero Solution: How Make-Believe Boost Kids’ Perseverance
For this essay, use these articles (and any other sources you find relevant) to discuss your thoughts on the popularity of princess and superhero stories. This should be a well-formatted essay with an introduction (including a thesis statement), a body with evidence that supports that thesis, and a conclusion. It should be approximately three pages in length (double spaced) and sources should be cited according to APA guidelines. You should include a references page.

Please refer to the guide I posted under Class Materials for information on citationsYou’re welcome to write about any aspect of princess and superhero stories that you find interesting

The links to articles are down below.

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