Public Private Partnerships

discuss one example of a PPP within your sector. Partnerships are not always obvious, but non-the-less can play a major role in providing critical services. Using this weeks discussion board will provide several examples for each other’s benefit. (if you are not already aware of a PPP in your sector, I would suggest a quick google search like, “Public Private Partnership in Emergency Service Sector”


Submit your response by Friday Night so others have an opportunity to read and respond to your example before the discussion closes on Sunday night.
Name the partnership, provide a brief description of the partnership, and share 1 or 2 benefits of that partnership. (if it is a failed partnership, feel free to also share the problem) Keep your responses brief and to the point (EXAMPLE BELOW)

Partnership: Transportation Sector: Operations of public roads and highways

Description: In 2006, two private companies, Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte and Macquarie Infrastructure Partners, were awarded a project to operate a 157 mile stretch of Indiana’s public roadways. The partnership of private companies paid the state a one-time fee of $3.8 billion for a 75-year agreement to operate the roadway in exchange for the revenue from the tolls.

Benefit: The project is estimated to save the state of Indiana about $100 million per year in operating costs.

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