Quantitative Design

At this point in the course, you have been introduced to the major developments in quantitative policy evaluation designs. Now you will have to the opportunity to develop a defensible quantitative design that takes into account the strengths, limitations, and tradeoffs that are involved in employing these designs to address major policy problems. For this Assignment, use all of the information you have gathered so far about your Final Project, your understanding of the program, stakeholders, and theoretical and logical framework of the project, and some of your earlier thinking regarding an appropriate evaluation design.
Assignment: a 3-page defensible quantitative design for your selected program that addresses the following:

Explain how you will select treatment and control groups if the design is a field experiment.
Explain what techniques you might use to address selection bias if the design is a quasi experiment.
Explain how you might address internal validity if the design is a nonexperimental design.
APA required

turn it in

PhD level

please read the attached documents for the topic!


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