Read And Discuss The Case MediSys Corp The Team Effectiveness Model

I have an assignment which is:

Many have tried to identify factors related to team effectiveness. The Team Effectiveness Model in Chapter 10 summarizes what we currently know about what makes teams effective. As you’ll see, it builds on many of the group concepts introduced in Chapter 9. In this team case discussion, please use the Team Effectiveness Model to analyze the case. Please follow the instruction as follows:

  • Read the case “MediSys Corp.: The IntensCare Product Development Team”.
  • Post on the discussion board your own answer to the following questions:
    • How well is the IntensCare Product Development Team performing?
    • How much teamwork do you think there was prior to the formal introduction of teams?
    • What forces are affecting the IntensCare team’s behavior, culture, and outcome?
    • Are people motivated to do all that they can to work together? Why not? (Hint: please use motivation theories from Module 4 to answer this question)
    • How is information exchanged and received?
    • How do team members from different functions coordinate their efforts?
    • How are team members evaluated?
      In the attachment The case and Team Effectiveness Model ( Picture)
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