Read Christopher Small’s lecture on “musicking.” Write a 250-500 word response using the questions below to guide your thinking. Post your response here. Feel free to focus in depth on a limited number of questions, or elaborate beyond these questions if you have other thoughts or reactions. If you reference quotes, remember to properly cite the page number. 

  • How does Small distinguish between listening and performing, if at all? What are your thoughts on this distinction, or lack thereof?
  • What is “musicking”? Do you believe this might be a helpful term?
  • What do you think about Small’s discussion of “learning” and “experiencing”?
  • Discuss Small’s concept of ritual and how it relates to musicking. 

Small, C. (1999). Musicking–the meanings of performing and listening. A lecture. Music Education Research, 1(1), 9-21.

It is due Monday at 1 pm.


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