Hello guyz , I need your help to make two phylosophy questions for two different articles ” one question for each” 

this question you think its important but it not answered by the article it selfs. After you make the questions for two articles, then you have to explain why its important and talks about it more and its value. It should be just one page in length for both of them . So, you list your question then talks about it for the half of the page , then , your other question and talk about for the next half of it.

First article by 

  • Pellegrino, “The Virtuous Physician and the Ethics of Medicine”, pp 70-73

or you can goggle it online:,+“The+Virtuous+Physician+and+the+Ethics+of+Medicine”,&source=bl&ots=roqjIDlBc6&sig=CA-EoKUQQMFyP0pSvPpAijhzI_M&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwid36zUu4PQAhVG44MKHbKyDigQ6AEIRDAF#v=onepage&q=Pellegrino%2C%20“The%20Virtuous%20Physician%20and%20the%20Ethics%20of%20Medicine”%2C&f=fals

the other article called :Macintosh on Privilege, and related articles feel free to google it : the link:

plz no plagarisms 


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