Reflection Paper

Your reflection paper must be a minimum of four pages long, double spaced, with one inch margins and 12 point font. These will be the exact same instructions for all reflection papers and exams and I do deduct points for not following these instructions or for grammatical and/or spelling errors. Edit! Answer the questions in full sentences (no bullet points) and don’t repeat the questions in your paper. Also, if you are quoting from the chapters, you must put it in quotation marks. No other citation is necessary for this paper and you don’t need a cover sheet

For this reflection paper, I’m going to have you do look at the “Conservative Principle” short article from…and the readings on conservatism from the book “The Reactionary Mind”. Answer the following questions:

  1. Compare and contrast traditional conservatism with modern conservatism and list and explain at least four differences between the two. Cite the source of your information by a simple citation like According to the Conservative Principle number 5, or according to Chapter One from the Reactionary Mind and give a page number for your source.
  2. What effect do those differences have on modern politics? Is it a good effect (your opinion is fine here but explain why it is your opinion) or is it a bad effect?
  3. What traditional, moral teachings have you been raised with, if any, and how do they reflect Burke’s arguments or the argument of traditional conservatism?
  4. Are there universal traditional and moral teachings? Don’t just look at your own country because universal would be other societies. What is or should be the role in enforcing those traditional and moral teachings?


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