Religion Assignment

Open response/short answer questions: All four of these questions will appear in the exam. You will only need to answer three of your choosing. You can prepare your answer ahead of time and simply copy and paste it in the space provided. All answers should be a minimum of 50 words per answer.

1. Describe how the early Christian communities lived. What impresses you the most about this kind of life? Do you see examples of people living in this way today?

2. Describe the central plot of The Fifth Season thus far. Which character do you think could be considered a Messiah/Savior? What do you think might happen in the second half of the book?

3. Describe the essentials of Jesus’ teachings as covered in class. Is there any of it that attracts you? Any of it that pushes you away? Any of it that surprises you?

4. Describe the “chasm” that humans feel about reality. What is the Christian response to this chasm? Do you think humanity is able to overcome this?

need answers for all these questions

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