There are many formats to base an officer’s salary, healthcare, and retirement plans. One of the most common that used for officer’s salary is based on the population size they serve. (Doerner, 2012). This scale to me does make sense because of the taxes collected in the city more densely populated would be more than a rural area. The step scale for years of serves is common in most departments as well to retain and motivate officers.

If I was developing a format for officers pay and benefits I would use an annual pay increase for the first five years. Once the officer had been with the agency for five years they would be vested and would receive a retirement benefits once they reached retirement age. Healthcare benefits have been a major concern for law enforcement. Most agents have families and need affordable healthcare plans. Instead of a cost of living raise I would apply those funds to balancing the increase of healthcare cost every year. I would pay officers with degree’s a higher salary if their degree was in law enforcement. It would motivate officers to see diverse training outside of the department.


One irony that has surfaced stems from the fact that today’s police applicants are more qualified than ever before. Recruits are presenting better credentials, particularly in terms of education background. However, attracting superior candidates requires corresponding financial incentives (Doerner, 2012.)

The President’s Commission (1967, p. 135.) the police cannot be expected to recruit competent personnel unit communities are willing to pay the price for improved police performance. Many communities have already recognized this need, but starting and maximum salaries are still insufficient in nearly every department. Until salaries are increased to competitive levels the police service will fight a losing battle in its efforts to upgrade the quality of its professional (Doerner, 2012.)

I believe that when it comes to the salaries I believe that the officers should start out making at least $42,000 a year and I think that it should be based on population. Officer’s should be able to receive a raise every three years if the officer is still working as hard as they have when they started. The officers should also be able to have every benefit that they are able to obtain at the time. For the bonuses, the officers must work very hard and very efficient to receive the bonuses they deserve.

I do believe that it is fair that the officers who have a degree should be able to receive higher salaries versus the officers who do not have a degree. I also believe that since the officers decided to further their educations and have the readiness to have what it takes to become a police officer. If the officers put forth the effort to further his/ and or her education to the next level that deserves a higher salary pay, just simply because of the education and knowledge.                        



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