Requesting 3 Page Paper On File Storage Computer Science Homework Help

This document will be used within your organization as a training document for other information technology (IT) administrative staff:

  • Outline the steps necessary to prepare a storage device for storing files.
  • Identify and briefly describe the tools used to prepare a storage device for storing files.
  • Explain why file systems are critical components of an operating system. What is their purpose?
  • Choose one operating system of interest and provide your reasons for choosing the operating system.
  • Specify the file system or file systems that would be available with that operating system.
  • Describe from an administrator perspective what is necessary to prepare a storage device for access by a user.
  • List a few ways that a user can utilize a file system.

Prepare a Word document of 3 pages in APA format. It should be professional in appearance and appropriate as a tutorial for new IT administrative staff within the organization.


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