research articles that relate to contemporary perspectives pertaining to planning science, technology

Critique 2 articles – 450 words eachResearch, examine and critique two (2) research articles that relate to contemporary perspectives pertaining to planning science, technology and engineering experiences in the promotion of positive learning dispositions and higher order thinking skills in young children
In 2015 and 2017, we observed four pre-school centres, researching science,
maths and technology pedagogy and how opportunities presented themselves
for learning in outdoor settings. The purpose of this paper is to interrogate
STEM practises in the early years, practices that are informed by play-based
education pedagogies, to understand approaches to STEM education. The research adopted a mixed methods approach which, in addition to our observations, included a pilot survey and educator interviews. These data are brought
together to examine practices of STEM education in pre-schools. We were
able to view pre-school centres as places that provide varied, rich experiences
for children to develop understandings of STEM. Importantly, we observed
that children’s STEM experiences enhance their self-belief in their ability to
learn STEM, and these early years’ opportunities trigger STEM appreciation
and its value to everyday life. We were able to conclude from the research results that integrated STEM, particularly science and mathematics, arise
through children’s play and themes arising from their interests. The findings
importantly highlight how different practices and pedagogies are used to
support STEM learning.
STEM Practice, Pedagogy, Early Childhood, Child-Led
1. Introduction
International interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
(STEM) has increased significantly in recent years as a direct result of the declining interest in STEM-related occupations and the expected impact of this
now and into the future. The future prosperity of many countries is dependent
on life-time engagement with STEM education (Chubb, 2013). In the next 5 – 10

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