Research Paper

Students will select a topic within the field of sociology and develop a typewritten research paper totaling 5-7 pages (doubled-spaced). APA format will be required. The research paper should focus on a specific topic of your choice. The aim of this project is to (1) teach you to think critically, (2) apply theory to your research, (3) discuss the social and ethical implications in your topic as it applies to equity and social justice, and (4) to develop your sociological imagination. For example, pick a social problem, an ethnic group, or a sub-culture and ask a question. A research paper should start with a good sociological question, be concise and well-organized. Not all your questions will have answers – that is why we study sociology. Once you have a question, pick a theory or theories that apply to your question, present historical evidence if needed and apply the terminology and concepts that you are learning in class. Papers will be graded based on organization, application of learned concepts/theories, originality of topic, and effective and concise communication of topic. See attached Research Paper Rubric. ALL RESEARCH PAPERS MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA

* – Any student found plagiarizing will receive an “F” in the course.


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