Research Paper (For Dr. Noorfattima)

1. You are to select an organization with which you are familiar, or have a strong interest to research, and analyze it using the concepts in Public Administration: An Action Orientation. Apply the concepts of public administration theory, ethics and practice in public service. Determine and highlight the interrelationship(s) between theory, ethics and practice in public administration.

2. Ensure you use the concepts from the readings in your analysis. Cite the literature and other references in your paper.

Six concepts: Responsiveness, Fairness, Flexibility, Honesty, Accountability, Competence

3. Some organizations are going to appear successful while others may have areas that need improvement. Describe how and why it worked. What else can they do? What is the future of reinvention in that agency?

4. In other organizations, either no or little effort has been made or accomplished. Discuss the impact on the organization (low morale, high turnover, poor customer relations, ineffective in meeting goals, etc.). Make recommendation on what needs to be done and who should be responsible. Talk about any grassroots efforts by staff to change the organization. Discuss the leadership of the organization. Are there vision and mission statements? Are they utilized?

5. Please be very analytical and conduct a non-biased assessment.

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