Resources: Human Resource Management; Supplemental Resources

Assignment Steps

Resources: Human Resource Management; Supplemental Resources.

Answer The 10 questions below, to ask a manager from each member’s organization, to gain an understanding of the performance management process.

  1. How are performance metrics able to determine the quality of an employee’s work?
  2. What would be your Performance Improvement Plan if a team member is struggling with production?
  3. What are the tools/resources to ensure employee success?
  4. What are some incentives for employees who exceed expectations and high performance?
  5. How would you determine the best way to motivate an employee to perform better and succeed to the organization’s expectations?
  6. As a manager, how do you regulate and control each individual when the employee lacks ability to perform well under the expectations of the organization.
  7. How does the organization communicate the expectations for the goals and objectives to the employees?
  8. How does the organization guarantee goal and objective alignment between each business unit to prevent conflicting metrics?
  9. What is the ideal working environment for you to be most productive?
  10. Is there career planning in employee performance reviews?

Discuss your findings as a team.

Create a 262 word report, including:

  • Recommend ways the performance management process could be improved, if needed, or why it doesn’t need to be improved, in each organization.


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