response at least 150 woreds

Some successful parent-teacher partnership that would benefit the child in the area of literacy are as follows:

  • For the child to actually see positive effectiveness between the parent and teacher.
  • When children see their parents smile, and speak positive with their teacher this gives the child a sense of security and hope.
  • Teachers relating to the parents information about subject matter that the parent may feel that their child may need help with.
  • Teachers helping out a parent with some literacy information such as getting help for information on obtaining a GED.
  • Teachers and parents networking a parent night or morning pertaining to the schedules of  the parents, for a book night out.
  • When students see positiveness from parents of how their parents are serious about a subject matter such as reading, the students will follow this pattern. Any student wants to see their parent helping especially when it comes to students’ learning. 
  • Parents volunteering to help out inside of the reading/literacy classroom with the teacher, organizing shelves by culture or categories.
  • Parents being proactive in the classroom of learning, taking turns as parents to support each child year round will make reading/writing very critical and students will make this kind of learning a daily part of their agenda.


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