Rhetorical Analysis Project Help

For this discussion, you are asked to rhetorically analyze an argument related to your Project 1 topic. To analyze rhetorically means to examine closely how an argument is composed with consideration to its rhetorical context, what rhetorical appeals and types of evidence it uses, and what makes it an effective or ineffective piece of persuasion. Analyzing the effectiveness of other writers’ rhetorical choices helps us become better writers ourselves.

To complete this assignment, select an academic article related to your Project 1 topic using the ASU research databases. Read it a few times for full comprehension, provide its link so others can access it, and then analyze it by responding in specific detail to the following questions:

Examples of academic articles are studies published in scientific or scholarly journals, articles published in trade or business journals, and analyses of statistics or quantitative data published in a professional or an academic journal. An academic article is not a newspaper or popular magazine article, or any text taken from a publication targeting a general audience. For specific examples of peer-reviewed academic articles, see: http://www.asu.edu/lib/tutorials/storyline/article-types/


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