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On page 24 of the Generic SCADA Risk Management Framework, there is an example of a threat /risk assessment which is part of a risk management program. Using one of your previous case-study incidences (each student has a choice to select which incident to write about) please create a threat matrix (See example belowe). Your assessment must include what you feel is the threat to the incident you selected with the following columns:

Asset ID: (select at minimum 4 asset ID’s, for example, People, Process and Software (which become your rows), Vulnerability, Consequence (your rating), Likelihood and Treatment (Mitigation).

Example Matrix:

Asset IDVulnerabilityConsequenceLikelihoodTreatment




Your matrix must be filled out so that a risk assessment/mitigation strategy for identified asset is clearly stated with relevant information. Use link above to assist in answering essay question. Each Row is worth 25 points with a total of 100 points for the entire matrix.

The following are the case studies choose one among them.



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