Short Essay

In the lesson we learned that corn production and average corn yield have been increasing over time. Since 1955, corn grain yields in the U.S. have increased at a fairly constant 1.9 bushels per acre per year, sustained primarily by continued improvements in genetics and crop production technologies. For this reflection, we want you to research one of these improvements in greater depth. Your options are:

Remote sensing technology
Genetic modification
Variable rate technology
After you do some reading, tell us:

The selected technology, and what it is/what it’s designed to do (What problem does it solve? How does it increase corn yields or profits?)
Some history (When was it first developed? How has it changed over the years?)
The titles and URLs of your sources.
Note: Use your own words. Avoid quoting if possible, especially long phrases. Definitely no copy-and-paste other wise. Points will be taken off for high similarity scores. We would like you to really show us what you learned. We think a good, complete answer will take 250 words.

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