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Chapter 4 Short Story Analysis Assignment


For this two-part assignment, you will be writing an analysis of ashort story, including your interpretation of the story’s meaning, aswell as relating the story’s meaning to your overall exploration of thehumanities. These writings are not merely reflective exercises. Researchand writing about the deeper meaning of the story is required. Althoughyou may be creative, you will also have to demonstrate that you areengaging with the course materials and demonstrating academic researchfollowing proper citation procedures.


See assessment rubrics attached to the Chapter 4 Short Story AnalysisEssay Dropbox and the Chapter 4 Wrap Up Story Story Analysis Discussiontopic.


Use Chapter 4 in your textbook and the Chapter 4 Required Online Exploration as your guides.

Assignment Instructions

Part 1 – Short Story Analysis Essay Instructions

Note: After completing Part 1, you will automatically gain access to Part 2.

1. Read some of the short stories from the link below and select ONE story to write about.

Short stories available at:

2. After you select and havecarefully read the short story, do RESEARCH by finding at least twoscholarly articles on the short story and integrate what you learnedfrom them in your essay. Try the SPC Library data base or GoogleScholar.

3. In a new document, start bycomposing one fully-developed paragraph (150 words minimum), where youidentify the following elements:

    • title of story, author, date of publication
    • setting
    • characters
    • plot

4. Then, in two fully-developed paragraphs (at least 150 words in each paragraph), explain the ultimate meaning of the story.Provide as many examples as possible. Please note that this is your”interpretation” of the many possible meanings that the author is tryingto convey. This is a point over which reasonable people may disagree.How do the researched interpretations of the story compare to your owninterpretations?

5. Cite the sources of your researched interpretations. Youmust find and identify at least two research sources beyond yourtextbook. You may also cite research links provided in this module, butbe sure to find and cite at least one source beyond what you areprovided. Either the MLA or APA format will be permitted. Do NOT useWikipedia or other encyclopedias (online, etc.) only. That is, youcannot use encyclopedias alone. Of course, you may use it as a startingplace. Be sure to use SPELL CHECK and proof read your essay.

6. Go to the Chapter 4 Short Story Analysis Essay Dropbox and submit your completed document.

Part 2: Wrap Up Short Story Analysis Discussion

Note: After completing Part 1, you will automatically gain access to Part 2.

1. Go to the Chapter 4 Wrap Up Short Story Analysis Discussion Topic and post a new thread, that includes the following information in at least one fully developed paragraph (150 words minimum):

    • Explain how your interpretation of the story (and the story itself) teaches us something useful as human beings.

2. Read your classmates’ posts, and write a reply to one of your classmates’ original posts that includes the following information:

    • Compare your interpretation of your selected story with one of yourclassmate’s interpretation OF THE SAME STORY if possible. (If no oneelse selected your story, then reply in general terms). In either case,address the following:
    • What are the similarities or commonalities shared by the two interpretations?
    • What are some differences between the two interpretations?

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