Social And Political Us History

Select ONE of the readings in this module located in the readings folder
Do not alter this document. Simply type your responses below the question in complete sentences. Do not use bold or a different color font. I will deduct points if the rules are not followed.
This assignment is due August 29 for full points. If you submit on August 30 you will receive a letter grade reduction, if you submit on August 31 you will receive a two letter grade reduction. This assignment will not be accepted after 11:59pm on August 31, 2020.
Avoid excesses of language and judgement, as well as meaningless comments (this is a “most interesting document” – outline instead what makes it interesting).
Never use the personal form (I, me, my)
Only use Times New Roman 12 pt font in black. Do not use other colors such as red, blue, purple, etc.
Cite the document parenthetically […] giving the # of the paragraph. Cite every time you raise specific information, or make deductions based on one or more of the paragraphs, as well as when quotations are provided.
Example (Columbus 1492, para. 3)
Use the attached worksheet. Click the blue link below.
The worksheet must be saved as follows: Your last First Initial_DAWksheet_HIST23207_Fall20 (DoeJ_ DAwksheet _HIST23207_Fall20)


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