Social Innovation

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APA style, no plagiarism and turnitin score will be checked. It should be double spaced.

Instructions: (Watch the 2 videos in attachments) presented by the Centre for Social Enterprise Development Ottawa. Each Videos are around 25 minutes.


a.) In your own words, summarize the key points of the presentation.

b.) Which topics you do feel the speaker adequately covered?

c.) Which topics would you liked to have seen more information?

Maximum length for Question #1 (1 page)

2.) Develop a list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) consisting of 8 to 10 questions that would be most commonly asked by social entrepreneurs after watching this video. In other words, ask yourself, what questions do you have after watching this video?

List these questions and compile responses to these questions.

In preparing your responses to the FAQs, – list website references, source materials, weblinks etc. that you have used.

As an example, here’s a link to an FAQ developed for starting a business in British Columbia:

Maximum length for Question #2 (5-7 pages)

Total Assignment Submission length: Minimum 6/Maximum 8 pages

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