Social Media Restrictions In The Workplace – APA – Due 10 Oct – 1 Slide & 3 Page Essay


1) APA 6th Ed format

2 ) Due 10 October

3) 1 Power Point Slide

4) 3 Pages (not including title page and references)

5) 2 References

6) Plagiarism Free


Often best practices in the workplace lag behind technology advances. Ethical principles and best practices must be constantly reviewed and deeply considered in the workplace. Social media have had a big impact particularly on the Digital Native (those born after 1980). In this assignment, you as a manager will need to remind the Digital Native to be mindful of their social media usage in the workplace and beyond.


You are the manager for a workgroup at your company. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the use of personal social media in the workplace and discuss posting about your firm on your personal social media site when away from work. Discuss the restrictions on the use of personal social networks by employees, security issues, and how posting on social media can impact the firm’s image.

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