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250-500 words in length on each discussion topic AND respond to the other students’ posts. I have copied their text below. It does not have to be as long as the discussions, but please respond it include your opinions and just write as much as possible. Please include work cited

Discussion1: Poverty

In what ways do people in society blame the poor for being poor? (Use examples from the text). How might a sociological understanding of what contributes to or causes poverty make people more compassionate and willing to support programs for the poor? Give an example of something you learned in chapter 10 that you feel most people do not know about poverty. How might this information or knowledge help others understand poverty as being a sociological phenomenon?

Response 1:The textbook gave us facts for telling us how the poor people are being the poor people. The example made me a deep impression from Dalton Conley which is black people can help themselves without any helps. It illustrated because of the color of skin and behaviors they did, the poor people still live in poor environment in our society. Children want to change themselves, but their hereditary gene decided what they did. Many people blame the poor people are being poor people because of the black mother. The black mother did not learn from the white mother how about their actions when they face events and how they raise their children. On the other hand, in many charitable institutions, most of poor people are black people, so it will cause social natural phenomenon to tell black children that most of poor people are black people. It also causes self-abased on children. In chapter 10, Dalton Conley said that even if you did good job, you still cannot obtain what they can get because of social image. Many people have same common that the white people often do good job then black people and white people have good hereditary gene. Especially for the white children, since they have good background and good domestic upbringing, they usually have good future in the future. On the contrary, the black people are still in poor environment whatever they work or lives. Therefore, if people realize the causes about the poverty, more people will make more contributions for the poor people to live better.

Discussion2: Do Races Differ?
What evidence does this article provide to support the concept of the “social construction of race?” If race is not “real,” why do you think that racial categories in our society so rigid and persistent? If we simply stopped thinking about race, or thinking in racial terms, would racism “go away?” Why or why not?

Response 2: Social construction of race was developed to maintain a hierarchy in human culture. Dr. Harold Freeman, the chief executive, president and director of surgery at North General Hospital in Manhattan, determined that, “If you ask what percentage of your genes is reflected in your external appearance, the basis by which we talk about race, the answer seems to be in the range of .01 percent.” In society African people are given a persona of violence, Asian people are given a followers’ mentality, and White people are given a superior aura. Science has proven that we are no different from each other, our appearances are only separate by a .01 percent difference in our genome. For example Dr. J.Philippe, a psychologist at University of Western Ontario in Canada, and author of ”Race, Evolution and Behavior,” wrote a book that define each race in a category. In his book, he conveys a message that east Asians scores that highest average of intelligence scores and brain size, while European falls right behind, and people of African descent are last. The human race all started from Africa and begun to spread throughout the world. Researchers have come to a conclusion that, “88 percent to 90 percent of the differences between people occur within their local populations, while only about 10 percent to 12 percent of the differences distinguish one population, or race, from another.” Simply stop thinking about race will never happen due to the laws of nature, in every species there is always going to be a hierarchy.


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