State Courts Many States Elect Their Judges Which Has Created A Great Deal Of Debate Law Homework Help

Manystates elect their judges which has created a great deal of debate.Much of it has to do with campaign donations. Since 2000 the Judges upfor re-election have raised over 18 million in Ohio. For more detailsee whichexplains the basics. One of the issues our Chief Justice has is thatvoters knew nothing about the candidates.This page was created to help- things that she wants to address are the influence of politics,lack of knowledge of the candidates, and better information to thepublic on the process in general. You can find more detail on .Take a few minutes to view the survey results! That still assumes (asshe does) that Judges should be elected (which is not the case in somestates). The states also differ on whether the party is listed on theticket. See the map at

Onceyou have reviewed these resources, tell us about the State of Virginia and how arethe courts set up? What are the rules for placing a person on the court?Does it vary by level? Are they elected? Is the party included? Arethere debates around fundraising or other issues? Do you have anyspecialty courts (like drug, Veterans courts)? In essence, explain thecourt system in Virginia. Needs to be at least 500 words and needs at least 3 sources


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